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    The employment rate in Texas grew constantly, during the last years, due to the economy, which is doing well outperforming the economy in most other states, although specialists still consider that it continues on a rather modest track, comparing to the period before the recession in 2008. Sectors like business fixed investment, manufacturing or exports slowed down a bit lately and employment is currently at a modest pace, but other sectors are on the rise, gaining many jobs.

    Professional services from San Antonio roofing companies and other business services added the most jobs, and rose over the national increase. Education and health services are in second place, with more than 3% job growth compared to 2% at the national level. Government employment, financial activities and lodging also grew locally.

    The hurricane Harvey had a certain statewide economic impact, but Texas still leads the national top in terms of new jobs added annually. Specialists do not see too many negatives on the horizon, especially that the jobs are spread on most sectors, which is a factor that makes the economy even more durable.

    Job and wage growth in Texas is helped by technology and the emergency of tech industries, especially in metro areas like Austin. The creation of new companies is also a big source of new jobs.

    Source: Live Site