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    After choosing the roof model, you must also take into account the cover materials you will use. These materials differ from each other by different criteria, such as lifespan, installation cost, thermal insulation, sound insulation and waterproofing.  The different roofing companies San Antonio area has also vary in the types of roofing materials and the manufacturers they buy from.

    There is a wide-spread opinion that the type of roofing materials is a determining factor in calculating its strength structure, which is true, but only partly, because there are other factors to take into account as well, such as the static load (snow layer) and dynamic load (wind) acting on the roof.

    Besides the traditional materials (wood, ceramic tiles, slate), some of the most common materials used for covering the roofs include:


    It is one of the best roofing materials, due to the very good quality-price ratio, but also to the fact that metal roofing is easy to install and durable over time. Metal shingles are available in many colors, being easy to match them with almost any type of architecture and style.


    Available in various shapes (corrugated bituminous slabs, bituminous shingles, and bituminous membranes for flat roofs), a bituminous roof works very well on both main constructions and annexes, as well as on both new constructions and renovated ones. Its main benefits are the quick and easy installation and the good value for the money.


    This is a very practical material for the execution of awnings, greenhouse roofs, terrace roofs and garage roofs. Polycarbonate boards are light, allow light to pass into the covered space, are easy to mount, as well as water and weather resistant.