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    If you have decided to paint your home’s exterior, but you don’t have experience with paint jobs, here are a few things that you need to know before opening the first bucket of paint:

    – Check the weather forecast – pick a dry period for the paint work to minimize the risk of the issues caused by high humidity in the air, such as altered color and longer drying time;

    – Buy quality paint – exterior paint nowadays comes in many price categories and the price of the paint is almost always indicative of the quality. Roofing Austin Texas homes is not an easy task, so make sure to match your paint with your roofing, because a replacement roof can be expensive. Buy the best paint you can get to avoid premature warping and fading;

    – Prepping the walls – before you start painting, you need to wash and to sand the walls to make sure the new paint will adhere to the wall properly. Remove any residues of old paint and wait until the wall dries completely after the washing;

    – Prepping the siding – if you will be painting on siding, make sure the panels are clean and smooth as well. Paint does not adhere to rotten wood or to damaged surfaces, so perform a thorough inspection of your siding and do all the necessary repairs on them before you start painting.

    Source: Live Site