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    Texas roofs work hard to protect your home all the time, therefore they need your attention at least a couple of times a year. The first step in roof maintenance is detailed and careful inspection from the ground and then from up there as well – here is how to do it properly:

    – Inspection from the ground – walk around the house and look for debris that has fallen from the roof – you may find parts from chipped tiles or even entire shingles that indicate damaged roof components. Look up on the roof (if necessary, use binoculars to see better) to check for any visible sagging, moss, piles of leaves or algae;

    – Inspection performed on the roof from a skilled roofer San Antonio offers – put on protective clothes, then go up on the roof. Take fall-protection equipment with you and anchor yourself properly to a fix point, then check the entire surface of the roof for buckled shingles, for granule loss of the surface of the shingles, for cracked or chipped tiles and for any components that show signs of aging. Inspect the flashing around the chimney, vents and skylights – check the areas for cracks and other signs of damage;

    – Gutter inspection – remove any debris from the gutter pipes, then check the pipes thoroughly for cracks, sagging, corrosion or rust.

    Source: Live Site