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    The chimney is the highest point of any building and the building component that is the most exposed to the elements. Unfortunately, it is also the component that homeowners know the least about and pay the least attention to. If you don’t want to be a negligent homeowner, here are a few things that you never knew about your chimney, but are essential for keeping it functional and safe:

    – Your chimney is the element through which the toxic by-products of the heating process escape, so keeping the chimney clean is essential for the safety of your home. Call a professional chimney sweeper at least once a year to take care of the cleaning;

    – The roof area around your chimney also needs your attention – the flashing around the chimney can get easily damaged by the weather, so you need to have roofers experienced in roofing San Antonio homes inspect your chimney from the outside once or twice a year and you need to fix any cracks or dents you notice in the flashing;

    – The benefits of chimney caps – chimneys are the favorite nesting places of birds and other animals and small leaves and twigs can also accumulate inside the chimney, but the good news is that you can easily solve the problem by installing a cheap and efficient chimney cap.

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