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    The Do's And Don'ts Of Roofing Services

    Not all roofing contractors are the same and this is why you must do your best to find a reputable roofer, because this is the only way to get quality San Antonio roofing services and adequate warranties. A professional roofing company should offer you all the information you need and be open to answer all your questions and address your concerns. However, some roofers may hide some things from their clients, so it is crucial to check the credentials and reputation of a company before signing a contract.

    Here are a few things that some roofers do not want you to know.

    They are not local

    It is always wise to check whether the roofing company has a local office, with a valid address and is in the business for at least 3 years, because hiring a local contractor means it will be easier to contact it if something goes wrong. Do not trust any roofer that appears after a storm pretending they are a hometown team.

    Their reviews are not positive

    There are roofing companies that try to hide negative reviews they get on their websites or social media pages. Do not trust a contractor rated poorly, nor one rated exclusively with 5 stars either; you should be more interested in a roofer doing its best to solve inherent problems that happens sometimes and stand behind its work.

    There are additional costs not included in the quote

    A professional roofing company should offer free estimates and add no hidden costs in the contract, so make sure everything is clear about the price of your roofing project.