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    The installation of a new roof or having extensive roof repair San Antonio contractors offer done on an existing roof are two of the costliest procedures in any home, so if your roof is brand-new or its health has just been restored, you probably want to make sure it will live as long as possible. Here are a few tips that can ensure your roof will protect your home against the elements for a long time to come:

    – Roof inspections – to make sure everything is in perfect up there, get the roof inspected every six months. If you are not scared of heights and you have suitable protective equipment, you can perform inspections yourself every now and then.

    – Roof cleaning – important not only to reveal roofing problems that are concealed under leaves, dirt, dust and other debris, but also to prevent water retention under the debris that can cause severe rot damage to your roof.

    – Pay attention to the gutters – your gutter pipes play a very important role in preserving the health and the integrity of your roof, so make sure they are free from debris and water can flow through them.

    – Trim the trees above the roof – falling branches are a major cause of roofing damage, so if you have a tree with branches leaning over the roof, cut them to prevent impact-related damage.

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