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    There are lots of great, reliable roofers in any town or city, all you need for finding one is the proper strategy – here are some tips:

    • Check the roofer’s reputation – ask your friends and family to recommend you reliable roofers. When you have a list with three or four roofers, try to find out more about their background online;
    • Talk to the roofers on your list personally – there is nothing that can be more reliable than personal contact and your gut instinct. Contact the roofers, tell them about your project and ask them to provide cost estimates. The documents that they provide will be as revealing as the personal contact – talking to the roofers will tell you whether they are trustworthy and the quality of their estimate will reveal how professional they are. When talking to the roofer, ask him to show you his license, bonds and insurances and take the time to check the documents;
    • Pick the roofer that offers the best value, not necessarily the cheapest offer. When evaluating the estimates, pay attention to the proposed deadlines, the quality of the materials used and the warranties;
    • Sign a contract – you should only work with a roofer like, who is willing to sign a contract with all the details of your verbal agreement.