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    The attic is that place everyone would prefer to forget that it exists. After all, what is it good for except for storing old furniture and other extra items? Actually, the attic is very important, especially for the roof of your house. A well ventilated attic will protect the roof from overheating and will not allow mold and fungus to take hold inside your house.

    The following tips will help you make sure that the attic is properly ventilated at all times:

    1. Install Attic Vent Fans

    An attic vent fan works by pushing out hot air from inside the attic and replacing it with cool air from outside. However, you have to make sure that the attic is properly insulated and sealed off from the rest of the house. Otherwise, the vent fans will suck in the cool air produced by your air conditioning system. Thus, the A/C unit will work overtime and ineffectually, and your electricity bill will rocket sky high.

    2. Opt for a Ridge Vent

    Ridge vents are installed along the ridge of the roof. This is the most efficient ventilation system to keep your attic properly ventilation, but requires installation by one of the experienced San Antonio roofing companies. Since the vent runs along the entire length of the roof ridge, special attention must be given to sealing and insulating the area around the vent, otherwise you will have water leaking into the house.

    3. Soffit Vents

    The soffit vents have only one role: to let in air from outside. Thus, they must be coupled with exhaust vents, which release air from the attic outside. For this reason, exhaust vents are installed on the roof. The combination of soffit and exhaust vents will ensure adequate ventilation, but they also need to be installed by a licensed specialist.

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