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    Helpful Tips Roofing Hot Sun Damage

    If in winter the main problems of a roof are related to snow and ice formation, during the summer the roofing materials (metal tiles, ceramic tiles, shingles etc.) suffer a lot due to high temperatures and torrential summer rains, especially if we consider how moody the weather has been lately and how violent the storms have become. Summer maintenance by CCR Roofing is therefore essential to prevent both functional and aesthetic roof damage.

    First of all, you should know exactly what the current condition of your roof is. If you haven’t scheduled an inspection for a while, now, at the beginning of summer, it is time to do it. After that,  deal with the necessary repairs and preparing your roof for hot weather.

    In this regard, make sure that the roof is impact resistant (summer storms are sometimes accompanied by hail, a phenomenon with tremendous destructive potential), the anti-condensation film  withstands very high temperatures and the roof has the ability to reflect the sun’s rays and help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

    If you live in a warm and sunny area most of the year, you may want to consider turning the roof into a cold one (this can be done in several ways, from installing reflective shingles to painting the roof cover  in white).