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    Christmas Lights Hung By Roofing Companies

    Regardless of the model purchased, Christmas light installations – especially those destined for outdoors use – must be protected from the direct action of weather (rain or snow), in order to prevent short circuits, flames, wire melting etc. Even if the packaging specifies clearly that they are safe for outdoor installations, you will still have to be cautious, because it is for your own safety.

    Most of the time, the warranty does not cover such defects, if the products have not been protected from water, and manufacturers or sellers cannot be blamed if customers do not respect the recommendations. In general, any type of electric connection must be made to a socket well-protected from humidity.

    Usually, the holiday lights that have a thicker and black wire are the ones that are more suitable for outdoor use, regardless of their design.

    Also, if the light strings are extendable, the interconnection (serial installation) with other similar products must also be done in spaces well protected from moisture. It is not recommended to connect more than two installations in a serie, otherwise the risks of accidents increase.

    Additionally, in order to avoid any risk, manufacturers generally recommend users to allow the products reach a temperature similar to the environmental temperature; this precautionary method is recommended to avoid condensation and short circuiting.  For safety call on the roofing companies in Austin to hire their services for hanging your Christmas Lights this year.