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    The roof on your building is not only the component that protects your building interior from the elements – it is also an important design component that pulls together the entire look of your building. As with any design component, the color of your roof is essential, so here are some tips about how to pick the perfect hue:

    Decide whether you want contrast or you prefer a color that blends in – choosing a roof color that is in sharp contrast with the hues on the rest of your building is a great way to create a dramatic appearance, while a hue that blends in with the rest of the building is suitable for creating soft, harmonious look;

    Consider your climate – using light colors in hot climate areas is an excellent way to prevent roof overheating and to reduce the amount of heat that the roof passes on towards the building interior; dark colors, on the other hand, work great in cold climates, where you need your roof to stay as warm as possible;

    Check the rules for roof colors applicable in your area – your local homeowner’s association has a document that regulates the colors that are acceptable in your neighborhood, so check that documents before you pick your hue to prevent any issues with the owners of the surrounding properties.  Many of the San Antonio roofing companies work with the HOA to know what is approved in the local communities.