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    Wherever your property is throughout the country, your area is probably affected by some sort of extreme weather systems and even the driest areas get torrential rain several times a year. While harsh sunshine and high winds are also harmful for roofs, the most common type of damage sustained by roofs is caused by excessive amounts of water. Here are a few methods to protect your roof and your home against water damage:

    Regular inspections and repair by roofers in Austin Texas – roofs that are intact can stand up to large volumes of water coming from the sky. Regular roof inspections can help you identify any weakened spots on your roof and will make it easier for you to fix the issues while they are still in an early stage;

    – Installing water repellant materials – you can improve the water resistance of your roof by installing a water-repellant layer underneath your shingles or your tiles;

    – Roof cleaning – keeping your roof surface free from any debris is also a great way to prevent water damage. The twigs, leaves, dust and dirt that can accumulate on your roof absorb moisture from the air and weaken the roofing material underneath, so regular roof cleaning is essential if you want to have a water-proof roof.

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