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    slate roofing san antonio roofers installSan Antonio roofing companies tend to focus the most on functional and practical roofing products. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get a roof that isn’t aesthetically pleasing. After all, curb appeal is very important especially in areas like San Antonio, where the real estate market is very competitive and you have to make sure your property has a great looking roof before you even try to get it listed on the MLS.


    A durable roof is typically a roof that lasts for more than 20-30 years. Composite asphalt is somewhere around that mark, but if you want an even more durable material, expert roofers in San Antonio will recommend metal or slate roofing.


    As for the issue of aesthetics, metal is still up there, but slate is considered the very best by far. The price associated with natural slate might be steeper, but you’ll find that this is the one material that has it all: the ability to withstand bad storms, the practical qualities of a roof that can last for more than 100 years, and the appealing aesthetic qualities that you’re looking for in a roof when it comes to increasing curb appeal. These qualities make slate have a slight edge over metal, however, for homeowners who are on a budget, metal still has the advantage.