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    There is no standard recipe for choosing and building a roof. When you choose a design for your roof, you must take into account the shape you want, the local weather conditions (temperatures, wind and precipitation), the degree of thermal and acoustic insulation and more.

    In general, we can talk about two types of roofs: flat and pitched.


    Flat roofs

    In the case of this type of roof, you must emphasize on thermal insulation and waterproofing. Considering that it only has a very slight inclination (invisible, unless you use measurements), water does not always drain completely – and this is a problem that must be addressed as best as you can.  You can also take into account transforming a flat roof into a rooftop patio or even a green roof.


    Pitched roofs

    On the other hand, there are different types of pitched roofs, depending on their simple or complex design and the number of slopes. Pitched roofs are considered the safest option especially in regions that get large amounts of precipitation. There is nowadays a multitude of materials, simple and premium, suitable for different weather conditions, as well as for various budgets. Whether you choose a traditional look, modern or minimalist, a pitched roof for San Antonio roofing is both safe and adaptable to aesthetic and functional requirements.