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    Using Drones for Roofing – Effective and Fast Roof Inspections from Above -


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    Modern technology is catching up with the roofing industry, and it’s expected that the change will bring remarkable improvements overall. Whether you’re more interested in getting the best results as a client or a roofing contractor, the use of drones will not disappoint. Assessing a roof and making the right decisions about its size and structure is easier than ever, and it can also be much safer than the alternative.

    Climbing on top of a sloped roof to make the necessary measurements before a roofing project is not only tedious and unsafe, but also time consuming. Contractors are better off these days using advanced camera drones that are easy to maneuver and convenient to use. Roofing companies like CCR Roofing in Austin and others are using the latest roofing techniques and making a difference in the roofing industry.

    Drones can take accurate, high resolution pictures of your roof and provide a bird’s eye view of the entire structure. Based on the height from which the drone took the picture, accurate size and proportion can be calculated, so that roofers never go in blind.

    Moreover, in most cases drones don’t just give you a clear assessment of the roof’s overall structure, but they can also spot problems that a regular roofing inspection might miss. So, you’ll find that these days, you’re much better off using drones rather than buying into many of the misconceptions associated with their difficulty in use and their price – which is well worth it.