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    A slate roof has remarkable properties and characteristics, which make it an extremely advantageous choice of many roofing companies in Austin. The high initial costs tend to scare customers who are on a budget, but the thing is the investment in a slate roof is for life. We are talking about a highly durable material that lasted for centuries on historic buildings and for which roofing manufacturers and installation specialist offer 50+ year warranty.

    The benefits of having such a roof include:

    • Energy efficiency: Slate is a material with very good insulation properties. It is very dense, which makes it able to maintain a cool temperature inside the building during the summer, by preventing hot air entering from the attic. On the other hand, in the cold season, it contributes to preventing unwanted air circulation and keeping the heat in.


    • Longevity: With proper care, slate roofs may last up to a century and even more.


    • Maintenance: Maintenance operations in the case of a slate roof are moderate and mostly involve visual inspections and replacing damaged slates.


    • Recyclable: Slate is a natural stone, and the production processes do not involve additives and other harmful substances. A slate roof can be recycled, so you may recover at least a part of your investment