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    There are two main types of roofs: flat and sloped (pitched). In turn, sloped roofs fall into several categories, according to their complexity, shape and number of slopes that make it up.

    Choosing a certain design for your sloped roof is further important for selecting the right materials, not to mention the effect it is going to have on your home`s aspect after installation, and should be completed by roofers in San Antonio for effectiveness.

    Below there are a few different types of sloped roofs to help you make your decision.

    Gable Roof

    This is arguably the most popular roof style. It can be easily recognizes by the symmetrical roofing panels (usually rectangular) that join at the top, forming a ridge. As long as they are constructed according to the industry standard Gable roofs can be covered with many different materials.

    Mansard Roof

    This type of roof has French origins (fr. “mansarde” = “attic room”). It has four sloping sides that become steeper halfway down. This type of sloped roof is more popular for two-story buildings.

    Pyramid Roof

    This is another common shape for sloped roofs. Pyramid roofing features four panels that meet at the top directly, with no ridge. They used to be more popular for smaller buildings, but their popularity increased also in houses with modern architecture, mainly due to their aspect and the results provided in terms of functionality and usage.