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    As you plan to hire a roofer in Austin, it’s important to know how long the job of repairing or replacing your roof will take. You might only have to deal with a few broken shingles, or you might have a really serious matter on your hand – such as your roof requiring extensive structural repairs and a partial replacement.

    In most cases, a complete roof replacement will only take about a day or two, if the weather is fair. That’s because an average size house can typically be handled without much difficulty by a roofing team, and most replacement jobs are pretty much standard. If you hire a roofer who specializes in the type of roof you want to install, then the whole problem will go away in less than a day.

    For roof repairs, the answer is the same, although some repair jobs are faster than others. Fixing a broken shingle will only take a few minutes, while replacing a large number of roofing tiles, fixing the flashing or underlayment, or upgrading your roof on top of fixing a leak can take several hours to finish.

    If you want to know exactly how fast your roofers at can work, consider calling them over to perform a detailed roof inspection. If they know exactly what the problem entails, chances are they can answer your question with a fair amount of certainty.