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    What Are the Most Common Problem Areas for A Roof? -


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    Roofs are as strong as their weakest points – here are the most common problem areas that need to be regularly inspected for damage:

    – The fascia – the band made from wood or metal running right under the roof has the role of providing extra protection against water, but it is an area susceptible to water-related damage, such as rotting.

    – The flashings – these components are usually made from aluminum, galvanized steel or rubberized material and they play the role of sealing and protecting areas where the roof cover is interrupted, such as around chimneys or skylights. When the flashing in one of these areas gets damaged, water can penetrate underneath the roofing cover, into the interior of the building, causing leaks and other types of water damage.

    – Gutters – these components are installed to direct water from the roof away from the wall and can get seriously damaged by leaves, twigs and other debris blocking the way of the water.

    – Roof valleys – one of the most troublesome areas on any roof, roof valleys are the V-shaped channels, usually covered in sheet metal, that join two folds of the roof. The material covering the valley can get corroded or it can suffer structural damage caused by impact, both cases being among the most common causes of roof leaks. The metal roofing San Antonio contractors install is the best way to obtain a strong roofing system.

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