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    What Are the Most Complex Roofing Problems Common to San Antonio -


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    When you choose a new roof for your home, one of the most important aspects to consider is the local climate, because it generates particular problems, and some roofing materials are manufactured to withstand them, while others may get damaged prematurely.

    In this context, we can talk about roofing problems common to San Antonio, and they include:

    • Worn Shingles

    Considering the hot and oppressive summers specific to San Antonio, worn shingles are common, due to sun exposure. To prevent this problem, you should opt for a reflective roof. For example, you can install metal shingles, which are naturally reflective and durable, requiring very little maintenance, or talk to roofers in San Antonio that can help you identify the best reflective solution for your existing roof (e.g. a white liquid coating solution).

    • Lack of energy efficiency

    This problem can also be solved with the installation of a reflective roof solution, but also with improving your roof insulation and ventilation.

    • Faulty Installation

    This is a common roofing problem, which may cause a roof to fail much sooner than it should.

    To avoid dealing with such a complex issue, you must always hire a reputable  with enough experience to avoid most mistakes and carrying insurance to stand behind it’s work, should anything goes wrong after all.