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    What Are the Types of Roofing Shingles That Work Best for Your Roof? -


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    You may have just bought your home, or you may have had it for years. However, if your roof is old, you still have to consider having it replaced at some point. Asphalt shingle roofs are typically the most fragile, and they have to be replaced quite frequently – sometimes even once every 10-15 years, if you chose a cheaper roofing service to install it.


    When considering having a new roof installed, it’s very important to make sure that you have all the basics covered:


    -Where do you live? Your roof’s performance will depend greatly on your location and the climate in your area.

    -How much money do you have at your disposal? A more expensive roof will typically be more durable, although there are exceptions to that rule.

    -How often can you work on preventive maintenance and cleaning your roof? Some roofing systems are high maintenance, while others are less so.


    These factors will weigh in greatly when it comes to selecting your new type of roof. Be mindful, as concrete roofs, for instance, are highly durable and resilient, but they do need some maintenance, and they are also quite difficult to install which can make them expensive depending on the roofer.


    Your best choice is to contact your local Austin roofing experts and ask them for advice on the matter, then do your own research based on their input to find out which specific type of roofing material would work best in your case.