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    What Can Happen If Your Roof Is Missing a Few Shingles? -


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    It happened to all of us: a sudden storm hits, and the roof we relied on for more than 10-20 years suddenly seems to be in shambles. As we inspect it, we realize that a few shingles were broken or blown off the roof by strong winds or hail, and the roof looks quite defenseless.

    A roof that’s missing a few shingles doesn’t seem like a big threat. After all, larger roofs have thousands of shingles, and most people avoid addressing the issue before they notice any leaks. Unfortunately, this isn’t a very practical solution.

    If you wait until your roof is damaged enough to leak, chances are your decking and underlayment were already affected. The roof needs attention, therefore, not just to fix existing problems, but to prevent new ones from cropping up as well.

    With a repaired roof and with all your shingles back in place, you can rest easy knowing that a sudden storm will no longer affect your roof and decking, and that everyone living in your home is safe from leaks, long term water damage and the mold and rot that can arise if the issue isn’t addressed immediately. So don’t hesitate, and call on your friendly local roofing experts at CCR Roofing in San Antonio to make sure you get the best solution for your damaged roof.