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    Reason shingle blow off happens roofing

    Inclement weather with high winds may cause shingles to blow off a roof. Naturally, you will have to fix this problem promptly, but sometimes replacing the missing shingles is not enough; you may also need to fix the problem that allowed the shingles to be blown off in the first place.

    Roofing materials are not the same; some types are more resistant than others, so there is no wonder that you will see different wind ratings, fire ratings, impact resistance ratings etc. When it comes to wind, which is the main cause of shingles blow off, most shingles are designed to withstand winds of up to 130 miles per hour, so they are expected to remain on your roof through moderate storms.

    Shingles are expected to blow off only in the event of a hurricane or tornado, otherwise you can assume that there is something not going quite right with your roof. In this case, you must allow a specialist roofer in Austin roofing to inspect your roof carefully and identify the problems that allowed shingles blow off. These problems may include roof installation problems (e.g. seal strips not properly set yet), as well as underlying roof damage.

    Fix these problems and your roof will withstand the next storm much better.