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    Sloping, residential roofing systems consist of more than what meets the eye – they are complex structures composed of several layers, each of the layers playing its own essential role in ensuring the safety, the integrity and the efficiency of the roof. Here are the most important roofing components:

    – Roof covering – the topmost layer of any roof, consisting of shingles made from metal, asphalt, composite, wood or metal or of tiles made from metal, clay or concrete and strengthened with underlayment for increased weather-resistance and thermal efficiency and should have roof repair San Antonio area contractors maintain the integrity ;

    – Flashing – also a component of the roofing surface, flashing consists of sheet metal or other types of material installed in the valleys found on the roof, around vents and openings to prevent water from seeping underneath the roof;

    – Roof structure – the deepest layer of the roof that consists of rafters and trusses that support higher layers;

    – Sheathing – boards or sheets installed between the roof structure and the roofing cover;

    – Drainage – these components are necessary for allowing the roofing system to get rid of excess water;

    – Gutter pipes – some experts consider them to be just roofing accessories, while others consider them to be integral parts of the roof. Gutter pipes are responsible for collecting the water that runs down on the roofing surface and for directing it safely away from the walls and to the ground.

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