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    What Do San Antonio Roofing Companies Have to Say About Wood Shake Roofs? -


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    wood shakes san antonio roofing solutionsWood shake roofs aren’t too commonly used by roofers in San Antonio. Aside from the fact that they might not be suitable for the hot summer temperatures in Texas, wood shakes present other concerns, but they also have some positive points that may certainly merit consideration.


    It’s important to note, first of all, that when it comes to getting the best roofing materials on the market, wood shakes definitely aren’t in the top 3. The weather in San Antonio can be pretty challenging, and thunderstorms, strong winds and the occasional temperature fluctuations might put a lot of pressure on a wooden roof. Also, there’s no guarantee that your roof won’t be overrun with pests such as termites and other insects over time.


    On the other hand, wood shakes do have some benefits that have to be considered. They’re extremely beautiful and come in many designs and colors that will skyrocket your curb appeal. They also last quite a great deal longer than asphalt shingles and even some other types of San Antonio roofing, and they won’t succumb to damage from humidity due to the dry climate of Texas.


    Most San Antonio roofers will not recommend wood shake roofs as the best material for a San Antonio roof, usually considering metal, terracotta and concrete to be superior. However, if you want a unique and stylish roof that is quite durable, then you can consider wood shakes to be an option that definitely isn’t as bad as others.