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    What Is A Roofing System? A Quick Look at What Makes a Residential Roof -


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    Roofing System layers components

    Residential roofs consist of much more than the material used for creating the roof surface and the gutters that drain the water. Here are some of the most important components of residential San Antonio roofing systems:

    -The roofing cover – asphalt shingles, metal, clay and cement tiles and slate are among the most common materials used for building the layer visible from outside the building with pitched roofs, while metal, TPO, EPDM and foam are the most common solutions for flat roofs;

    -The decking – usually made from plywood, this component reinforces the structure and serves as a nailbed for the fasteners used for fixing the roofing cover;

    -The underlayment – this membrane serves the purpose of protecting the roof covering as well as the decking from the harmful effects of moisture;

    -Vents – ventilation is essential for roof health, therefore a good roof usually needs two vents, one at the top, right under the ridge and one at the base to facilitate the proper movement of air;

    -Flashing – these stripes of material are installed wherever the continuity of the roof is broken, wherever two roof sections are meet and where a roof slope meets a wall. The purpose of flashing is to reinforce the roof and to prevent water penetration.