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    What Is Roof Decking and Why Do You Need to Know About It? -


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    When faced with roofing issues, most people prefer to avoid any kind of lengthy discourse about the problem and just pay a roofing San Antonio team to fix it for them. However, if you don’t want to waste money or hire the wrong experts, it’s always a good idea to learn more about your roof and its components.

    The decking is especially important, because it’s like the foundation for your entire roof. Decking structures can vary in size, shape and material, and can also constitute a significant problem when dealing with recurring roofing issues. Basically, if your roof is constantly damaged seemingly for no reason, then chances are the problem goes much deeper. A damaged decking can lead to significant issues regarding insulation and ventilation, as well as an improperly balanced structure that can severely damage your roofing shingles and coating.

    The decking is the part beneath it all. It is the layer of your roof that lies between the trusses and joints and the main roofing materials that are visible from the exterior – such as coatings, flashing and roof shakes or shingles.

    Depending on the material of your decking, maintenance and more frequent inspections might be required. For residential applications, you have plywood and groove wood in most cases. For commercial roofs, on the other hand, most decking is more resilient, being made out of steel, cement or concrete for added structural stability.

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