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    For sloped roofs, houses with chimneys, vertical elements and the corners of waterproof terraces, flashing elements are essential to collect and drain water away from the roof and avoid moisture in sloping areas.

    Roofing companies San Antonio area use many complex flashing models to achieve a perfect sealing of the most difficult areas of the roof. The most important are:

    -Roof flashing – used to waterproof elements protruding from the roof (e.g. chimneys) and discontinuous elements of the roof architecture.

    -Wall flashing – for vertical walls, usually embedded in the structure of the wall and installed around windows or supporting elements.

    -Flashing for roof perforations – for antennas, cables and pipes that come out from the roof.

    -Drainage flashing – U-shaped, used at the edge between the tiles and the wall, to direct rainwater away.

    -Drip Edge Flashing – used at the corners of sloped roofs, to allow water to be drained more efficiently from the roof.

    -Step flashing – for buildings with a distinctive roof architecture, these overlapping pieces of flashing ensure optimal water drainage and are in line with the architectural elements of the building.

    -V-flashing – for those angles formed by joining sloped surfaces of the roof.