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    What Is the Process for an Insurance Claim on Roof Damage? -


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    Roof damage creates situations that are hard to handle, especially if the damage is extensive. One of the ways to cope with the financial burden of roof damage is to file an insurance claim. Here are the steps involved in the process:

    -Check your insurance policy – to be able to file a claim with your insurer, you need to have coverage for the type of damage sustained by your roof, so the first thing should be to check the coverage included in your policy;

    -Document the damage – you need to back up your claim with evidence, so you need to record images and videos of the damage;

    -Contact your insurer – let your insurer know about the damage sustained by your roof and ask them to guide you through the insurance claim process. Your insurance company will provide you instructions as well as the paperwork that needs to be completed;

    -Find a good roofer with experience in roofing San Antonio homes and request a cost estimate – if you can, contact multiple roofers and request multiple cost estimates to be able to choose the best offer;

    -Save all the receipts to prove your expenses to your insurer;

    -Expect that your insurer will send their own adjuster – your insurance company will probably send their own expert to check the roof and to make a compensation offer.