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    A defective roof can cause problems throughout the rest of the house, mostly because of water infiltrations and moisture. Over time, these can even affect the resistance structure.

    In order not to get there, the roof must be protected from mechanical factors that may aggress it from the outside, such as traffic, or tree branches growing too close to the house, which can weaken the fasteners and scratch or damage shingles.

    Inside the roof, pests may become a problem and the structure or support areas can change over time, as the wood deteriorates.

    Sometimes, installation defects or the choice of inappropriate materials also have consequences in time, which translate into leaks, infiltrations or damage to some elements of the roof.

    Periodically, the roof must be checked, following if it still has all the accessories for collecting and evacuating rainwater safely, but also other systems, such as snow guards. On the inside, where there are visible supporting elements, such as poles or beams, it must be checked if they have no cracks, are not twisted or attacked by pests.

    If you see one of the above signs on your roof, it is clear that you should turn to licensed roofing companies San Antonio has to detect the cause and make the necessary repairs correctly, using the right materials and accessories.