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     Roofing Companies In Austin Find Roof Leak Source Easily

    A damaged roof cover allows water infiltration, which will cause total deterioration of the roof, over time. When leaks occur, the roof loses its properties and the building starts having issues such as:

    • deterioration of the ceiling and walls in the upper rooms
    • the appearance of mold generated by moisture trapped in the attic, which can affect the health of the people living in the house
    • the infiltration of water into the insulation layer of the roof, which cancels its thermal properties
    • the possibility of short circuits on electrical cables that may come in contact with infiltrated water

    The main causes of roof leaks are related to incorrect installation of the cover and sometimes to incorrect design of the roof as a whole. It’s important to have one of the recommended roofing companies in Austin do the installation, to avoid these types of issues.  Other factors that may affect the integrity of the roof are:

    • the age of the roof and the physical aging of the materials
    • using materials that are cheap or do not meet current quality standards
    • infiltrations may also occur in the area where snow guards are fixed, in the cold season. The weight of the snow forces the screws and, in combination with the frost-thaw phenomenon, small infiltration areas are created around them and it is only a question of time until water finds its way in. It is advisable to check these fastenings every few years and secure the screws with special silicone
    • birds that sit on the roof can also cause damage, by scratching the cover, which in time leads to rust formation and perforation of the cover