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    Even the sturdiest of roofs can easily be damaged to the point of no return by a powerful enough storm, fire or earthquake. The important thing to know about this possibility is that, even though you can’t do anything to battle Mother Nature, you are entitled to get the right amount in compensation from your insurance company.


    Unfortunately, you can’t usually expect much from the roofing insurance claim process, unless you are prepared to deal with it properly. This means most insurance companies will require some serious proof that your roof damage was natural and that the type of damage incurred is covered by your insurance policy according to the exact wording that you’ll find in the paperwork.  You can seek the advice of roofers in San Antonio who deal with this type of thing on a constant basis to gain the knowledge you need.


    A dependable public adjuster and an attorney should be able to help you with guidance and support on how to handle the claims process. The important thing, before you even contact them, is to take pictures and videos of the damaged areas as soon as you find them, and make sure you locate your insurance policy and any other important paperwork that could help you during the claim process.


    Once you think you have everything, and you’ve calculated the budget you might require for your new roof or your roofing repairs, it’s time to contact your attorney or public adjuster, and have them look through the documents before they mediate your talks with the insurance company.