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    The installation of a skylight is an extremely important aspect – or at least as important as choosing a good quality window. A correct installation guarantees a long lifespan of your skylight. It was determined that in 99% of cases where problems occur (infiltrations, most often), they are caused by faulty installation, not by the window itself.

    Considering the fact that skylights are installed in the roof plan, the connection between the window frame and the roof has a crucial importance in the correct installation. In most cases, the wrong connection between the two elements leads to water infiltrations in the roof structure.

    Things to consider before installing a skylight

    Skylight installation must be done at the right height. There are cases in which such windows are installed too high from the floor, which makes their operation very difficult. Normally, it is recommended that the skylight be installed at a height of approximately 2.20 m – 2.40 m from the floor.

    Incorrect installations of the sealing frame and/ or the roof cover around the skylight must be prevented. Installing roofing materials too close or too far from the edges of the window, as well as punching holes in the sealing frame with screws or nails are big mistakes that will cause various problems. Make sure you hire a professional specialized in skylight and and roofing such as CCR Roofing.