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    What To Do roof leak repair needed

    Leaks usually occur when you expect them the least and when they do, they can wreak havoc on your life. However, a calm approach can make damage mitigation easier – here is what to do if your suddenly starts leaking:

    -Stop or minimize the damage – try to trace the source of the water on the roof and cover the damaged area in plastic foil;

    -Contain the water – grab buckets and other containers and place them underneath the source of the water to contain it and to prevent damage to your floors and carpets. In the case of a large leak, prepare multiple containers to be able to change full containers quickly;

    -Remove the water – when the water stops, remove the buckets and other containers as well as the wet carpets and dry the floors as quickly as you can;

    -Fix the roof or get it fixed – if the leak was caused by a single displaced or damaged shingle or tile, you can fix the issue easily, by replacing the damaged component yourself. However, if tracing the source of the leak seems difficult and you suspect that the problem is more complex, you should start the following day looking for a roof repair San Antonio roofer to fix the issue for you.