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    Roofing Companies Can Replace Curling Shingles Or Repair

    If you notice that some of the shingles on your roof start curling, it is not a good sign, and you must consider fixing this problem before it aggravates.

    But why do shingles curl in the first place? There are several reasons for this.

    Installing a new roof on top of an old one

    This is not recommended, but many people opt for this solution to save on upfront costs, by avoiding stripping the old roof. However, the second roof layer is not always as secure as it should be and shingles may be curled by the wind.

    Improper shingle installation

    Even if the new roof is not installed on top of an old one, problems may arise because of improper shingle installation. Leaving your roofing project in unprofessional hands is a risk that you should not take, so call on professional San Antonio roofing companies for installation. Placing the nails in the wrong spots or using fewer nails than you should is also a sure way for your shingles to curl.

    The roof is old

    Sometimes shingles start to curl simply because they are too old. If your roof reached its lifespan, it is time to plan a replacement.


    Regardless the reason, if the shingles on your roof have begun to curl, you must contact a professional roofer as soon as possible and fix this problem. Curled shingles are not just an aesthetic problem and there will be soon water damage if you ignore it.