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    Winter Time Roofing Austin Christmas Light Services

    From December to February, winter in Austin is mild and dry; temperatures are in the low to mid 60s, cold fronts are short-lived and snow is rare. It is a rather quiet season, but it can help you make some really good savings on your Austin getaway and you will have the chance to attend some key events: the Trail of Lights and the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar – both around the holidays.

    The Austin Trail of Lights provides different entertainment options to celebrate the magic of the season, feel like a kid again and bring back beautiful memories while also create new ones. People can jingle, jog & jive in their holiday costumes, attend the preview party and the after party celebration, enjoy some great live music, have some delicious bites from local restaurants, beer, wine and cocktail tasting, as well as carousel rides. The Trail of Lights celebrates each year the community`s spirit and diversity on the holiday season, which showcases everything that we love about Austin.

    The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar is another fantastic seasonal entertainment option, packed with art, live music and various shopping opportunities. It lasts for 12 days and provides a true Austin experience that everyone can enjoy.  This time of year is a great experience in Austin, many professionals experienced in roofing Austin Texas homes, also offer hanging Christmas lights too!