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    What to Expect during the Winter Months in San Antonio -


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    Winter Roofing Merry Christmas

    Winter is a great season for people who visit San Antonio, because weather is comfortable, less humid, there are no hordes of visiting tourists and families like in the summer, when kids are on their break, and hotel rates are also lower. Besides, winter is also a fabulous season due to the decorations around the holidays and the festivals.

    San Antonio has over a million people and is constantly buzzing with activity around the holidays: all kind of celebrations and word class festivities that everyone can enjoy.

    The holiday season starts with Thanksgiving Day and El Dia de los Muertos. River Walk gets festive with thousands of fairy lights hanging from stone bridges, trees, lampposts, shops and hotels; driveways and streets get highlighted with luminaries and little lanterns. Riverside stores decorate their windows, and a large Christmas tree is installed in Alamo Plaza. Pretty much everything in San Antonio prepares to welcome the arrival of the holiday season and it is more than just for fun: it is the city`s way to celebrate the season.

    The snow may not be present, but the beauty and magic of the winter months here is undeniable and really hard to beat.  The experienced contractors involved with roofing San Antonio homes also offer services for hanging Christmas Lights, making San Antonio even more beautiful this time of year.