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    Ideally, every building owner should call a roof inspection every year, preferably in spring. This will let them know how their roof fared during the winter and give them time to schedule repair works during the warm season. If you have just scheduled your first roof inspection, you need to know what the specialist is supposed to do in order to have a complete image of the condition of the roof.

    Key Elements of a Roof Inspection

    1. Interior Inspection

    The roof inspector will ask to have a look at the inside of the roof, in the attic. This part of the inspection will focus on the condition of the insulation. The inspector will note signs of mold, leaks, as well as whether the attic is properly ventilated or not. Potential structural issues of the roof will also be identified during the interior inspection. The roof inspector should be have knowledge in roofing Austin Texas homes and businesses.

    2. Exterior Inspection

    The exterior inspection will focus, first of all on the condition of the shingles or metal sheets the roof is made of. The inspector will also take a close look at the flashing and the gutters. Dirty drain guards as well as damaged flashing are issues which must be solved as soon as possible.

    3. Detailed Estimate

    At the end of the inspection, the contractor will prepare a detailed report containing the findings – the condition of the roof and the problems identified. For each item that needs repair, the inspector will give an estimate price. This detailed estimate will help you plan your budget, so that you can fix the most serious roof problems as soon as possible and plan for the others to be fixed in due time.

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