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    A home inspection is a process usually handled by a certified inspector with the purpose of determining the condition of the building and to identify issues that need to be addressed. The inspection can be commissioned to serve various purposes, such as to determine the value of the home or to help buyers decide whether the home that they are planning to buy is right for them. Here is what a home inspection checklist should include:

    • The inspection of the foundation and the building envelope – a good home has a solid, intact foundation, solid walls and a solid roof. The inspector will check every inch of the building envelope and will put together a detailed list of the issues found, such as cracks, holes, damaged building materials, sinking or sagging;
    • Checking the utilities and systems in the home – the inspector will also the condition of the plumbing, the electrical wiring, the electrical panels, the outlets, the heating, cooling and ventilation systems;
    • Interior inspection – the inspection will look at the home interior as well, checking the interior walls, the condition of the stairs, steps, doors and windows;
    • Checking the landscape, the shed and the garage – the vegetation in the space surrounding the home, the condition of the other buildings on the property as well as the pathways and driveways will also be checked.  Call your local roofing company at for roof inspection.