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    Each stage of the installation of a new roof is important, especially since the roof includes a series of elements that must work perfectly together, to form a system that protects the entire building effectively. If you are planning to renovate your home or are preparing to complete a house built from scratch, the process of getting a new roof includes several general steps:

    -Choosing one of the San Antonio roofing companies and plan the roofing project

    -Choosing the materials

    -Tearing-off the old roof and consolidating its structure, if necessary

    -Installation of the new roof

    -Installation of the rainwater drainage system

    When installing a new roof, it is worth considering the following factors: the size of the roof surface, the amount of roofing materials you need, insulation and debris disposal. During the design phase, many details must be considered: what is going to be the shape of the roof we cover, what materials are going to be used to cover the roof etc. When calculating the total costs, accessories must also be considered.

    Planning the process of getting a new roof ensures economy and quality. Remember: a thorough planning of expenses is not limited to the visible construction of the roof, but extends to all related processes, with the highest possible accuracy. Make sure you receive a written estimate in advance, from the professional roofer you hired for the job. It must be detailed, so as to describe all the stages of the project as well as the expenses involved, warranties etc.