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    When To Call Roofers For Repair

    Many home improvement projects, including minor roofing jobs, such as replacing a few shingles and cleaning gutters, can be done by homeowners on their own, but there are many other jobs that are better done professionals. More complex roofing issues need experience, technical knowledge and specialised tools, so here are a few roofing jobs that you should call a professional for:

    • Extensive replacement – replacing a few tiles and shingles that have been damaged or displaced by a recent storm can be done by DIY enthusiasts, but more extensive or complete roof replacement is best done by experts;
    • Flashing replacement – flashing is material installed around the openings on your roof, such as around the chimney and the skylights with the purpose of increasing the strength of the roof in areas where the continuity of the roof has been broken. Most types of flashing require special know-how as well as specialized tools, so the process is best handled by professionals;
    • Gutter replacement – the process involves moving heavy objects at height and the pipes need to be properly fastened, too, so the best way to ensure quality is to hire an expert roofer for the job;
    • Insulation – laying or spraying insulation is also a job for professional roofers Austin is home to.