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    Where Are Most Roof Leaks Found and What Should You Know About These Locations? -


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    Roof leaks can cause a lot of problems, if they’re allowed to go unnoticed. Ignoring them can lead you to wake up one day with your attic and most of your walls affected, or even some of your rooms flooded.

    Fortunately, you can address the issue early on by checking up on some of the most common locations where roof leaks can be found:

    · Check the entire expanse of your shingles, shakes or tiles, to expose any areas where your roof was damaged and a possible leak might be located.

    · The head wall flashing and the step flashing are both potential culprits, since these are the areas where the roof is most sensitive. If your flashing is damaged here, water will find its way quite easy to the innermost layers of your roof and even to your attic.

    · If you have a leak that’s close to the chimney, check the area immediately around the chimney, including the flashing.

    · Finally, you can get quick results in most cases, if you inspect areas affected by ice dams early on by roofers in San Antonio neighborhoods. If you live in the snow belt, you already know how harmful ice dams can be when it comes to blocking the normal flow of water and putting a lot of physical strain on your roof. The result can lead to some areas to be damaged and for leaks to appear over time.

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