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    CCR Roofing Investing In A New Roof

    The roof is not an essential component on any building – it is also one of the most expensive components of the building envelope and one that adds a great deal of value to the property. Here is why and how:

    • Increased curb appeal – a new roof makes any property look more attractive, especially if the color and the texture of the new roofing material is chosen to match the overall style and color scheme of the building walls;
    • A warranty of quality – a new roof can provide problem-free protection from the elements for decades, a feature that is great for you as the building’s current owner and it adds considerable resale value as well;
    • Energy-efficiency – new roofs make a more efficient thermal barrier than old, leaky ones. A new roof can significantly reduce the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling the building;
    • Improved air quality – a properly installed roof is one that is properly insulated, too. The insulation added underneath the roof makes sure that the air in the attic as well as in the building is not excessively moist, thus helping create an interior environment that is much more comfortable and much healthier, suitable for allergy sufferers as well.  So get on the schedule, call CCR Roofing today.