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    Why A New Roof Is One Of The Best Home Upgrades -


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    Time To Upgrade Roof Replacement In Place Of Roof Repair

    A new roof is expensive and a complex project that requires careful planning. However, it is a home upgrade that will bring you many benefits both in the short and long run. It is an upgrade that positively affects the functionality and the aspect of the entire house, raising its value.

    Any home improvement brings return on investment and new roofing scores very high when it comes to cost vs. value. It is estimated that a new roof can help you recover almost 65% of the installation costs, which is a very good reason to start thinking about replacing your roof, especially if it is close to the end of its lifespan, doing a roof repair San Antonio area is not recommended over the replacement of a roof.

    Other reasons to have a new roof above your head

    • There are so many roofing materials available on the market today, so you can create the roof of your dreams that will make your home stand in the neighborhood
    • You get warranties for at least 15-20 years (that if you opt for standard roofing materials), or even for 50+ years, if you choose premium materials.
    • A new roof will provide better insulation, which means that you will pay less for heating/ cooling the house, while enjoying a better thermal comfort