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    Why Is It So Important to Clean Your Gutters When You Buy a New Home? -


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    For those who don’t know much about roofing or who aren’t too familiar with gutter installations, it’s very important to learn at least the basics about them, after purchasing their new homes. If you just bought a new house, and your house has a sturdy roofing and gutter system, it is your responsibility to check them for any damage or maintenance problems and do your best to have your gutters cleaned by a roofer San Antonio location as soon as possible.

    The gutter system has the role of channeling rainwater away from your roof. When it rains, the slope of the roof forces the rainwater down to its base, where it flows into the gutters and then away from your home.

    If the gutter system is filled with debris such as birds’ nest remains, old pieces of broken branches and dried up leaves, the debris can end up clogging them up and preventing the water from being cleanly channeled away. The result will be that the water will keep building up and overflowing on the side, potentially damaging your roof and your home’s exterior paint.

    Failing to clean your gutter system on time can also result in rainwater making its way to your home’s foundation and causing some serious damage that won’t be fixed without spending at least a few thousand dollars on necessary repairs.