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    Why It's Important To Take Pictures Of Your Home After A Storm -


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    Roofing Company Takes Pictures Of Storm Damage To Roof

    Storms are phenomena that can produce great damage to a house in a short time. As a homeowner, it is necessary to take all the measures to minimize the impact a storm can have on your property and on your life. One of the basic things you should consider is having insurance for this type of damage, because this way you will not have to worry about not having the necessary money to make the repairs.

    When you assess the storm damage, it is important to document everything very carefully, by taking pictures and marking the damage. Many of the roofing companies such as CCR Roofing of Austin can capture the damage by drones.  They will be very useful when you make the claim. Ideally, you should also have photos taken before the storm, to compare the condition of the house.

    First, you should probably take a closer look at your roof, as it is the most exposed element of the house. Look for evidence of broken or missing roofing materials and/ or accessories. However, be careful: if your house has structural damage, it might be dangerous to reach the roof, so you would better wait until the professionals come. Meanwhile, you can spot at least some of the damage from the ground (obvious gaps in the roof, fragments of roofing materials scattered around the house etc.). Additionally, you can inspect much more easily, the façade of the house and take pictures of  other damage.