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    It is not necessarily hard to find a trustworthy roofer; the hard part is related to the fact that you must not take advertising for granted and make your own evaluation of different roofers, in order to pick the best one for your needs and avoid being scammed.

    But, considering that you always need to work a bit for the best things in your life, instead of waiting for the luck to find you, here are important aspects you must consider when searching for a good roofer Austin hosts.

    Go local

    A local roofer is a part of your community and has an established reputation.


    Ignore door-to-door salesmen

    Professional roofers are not door-to-door salesmen and will not get engaged in high-pressure selling techniques. If a so-called roofer shows up by your door, do not let their “great deals” fool you.


    License and certification are a must

    Do not hire a roofing company that cannot offer you proof of being licensed and certified.


    Get everything in writing

    Make sure the estimate you get is detailed and there are no important omissions.


    Proper coverage

    You must hire a roofer only if it is fully insured (liability and worker`s comp), to avoid paying for mistakes and damage that are not yours, only because they happened on your property.