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    More and more people are realizing how useful solar energy can be when used properly. The installation of photovoltaic solar panels and the exploitation of solar energy bring only benefits in the life of those who choose to purchase them.

    The installation of such systems, however, is not very easy and requires the experience of qualified and specially certified professionals. Otherwise, installation errors may cause roof damage that can be difficult to repair and expensive.

    If your roof is already old and will likely have to be replaced in the upcoming years, it would be best to wait with the installation of the panels until you change the roof. A roof replacement will be more complicated once the panels have been installed and will cost you more. But if the roof is relatively new, its strength over time should not cause problems.

    Installation of the solar panels by an Austin TX roofer will not harm the roof. Do not worry about holes in the roof, because this procedure is not necessary; panels come with an attachment system which does not require roofers to pierce the cover of the roof. The weight of the photovoltaic system is not a cause for concern either. 10 panels weigh approximately 180 kg, so the pressure is quite low compared to how much the roof weighs.