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    In winter, when snow invades many areas, a fairly large amount can accumulate on the roofs. The risk of accidents due to large amounts of accumulated snow is very high, because it may slip down the roof, in large quantities, hurting people who pass by too close to the building, damaging cars etc. Besides, before falling down the roof, snow in excess can clog gutters and downspouts, causing roof leaks. In addition, the snow on the roof can partially melt, turning into ice, affecting the cover materials, making them more vulnerable and being difficult to remove in the absence of a special defrost system.

    In addition, the weight of snow accumulated on the roof is not to be neglected, this being 100-120 kg / m3. It means that a layer of only 20 cm of snow, puts an additional load on the roof`s structure of over 20 kg/ sqm which, combined with an incorrect sizing of the roof structure and an unjustified use of poor quality materials, leads to unpleasant situations exactly in the season in which the discomfort they create is greatest.

    Defrosting the roof and the drainage system is a necessary, important and mandatory measure for the protection of the building and the integrity of the residents. A defrost system can be installed on any type of roof by roofing companies San Antonio is home to. It consists of electric cables with heating role, which are mounted on the roof, and in the gutters, being connected to a thermostat that will control its automatic operation, depending on climatic conditions such as temperature and humidity.